​It all began when two of my potato growing cousins came to me at a celebration of my late Fathers life, Robert Oliver "Moon" Thompson.  "We want to make Vodka" to which my reply was "as long as we get Dad in there somehow".  Moon River Distillery in Park River North Dakota was born.  Even better, we managed to get all six of the Brothers on the label, six Brothers along with three Sisters whom shaped our lives with their amazing sense of family and which none ever backed away from a hard day's work.​  We strive to maintain that attitude and I can personally attest to a lot of hard work as we built (and sometimes rebuilt) every piece of our distillery ourselves.

So, “I don’t always drink Vodka, but when I do it is only Thompson Brothers, Moon River Distillery, Park River North Dakota”.  And I'm happy to answer any questions in this forum.

Mary in Mandan Asks.....  Where do you get your Honey for making Honey Wine?

We pride ourselves on using North Dakota products for all of our ingredients, the Honey is the same.  North Dakota is the #1 producer of Honey so it is widespread across the state with the majority of the harvesters/suppliers in and around the grasslands of the Southeast.  However if you keep your eye out as you drive across this great State, especially off of the interstate, you'll see hives upon hives upon hives tucked into the valleys and even sitting on old missile silo sites in the East.  We try to collect our supply the same time every year, roughly August, to maintain a uniform taste based on what the busy bees are finding flowering.

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